Social ME-dia

I learned something about myself tonight. I don’t like it. Actually it is something that I have known for a while and have tried to correct. I’ll keep trying. 

I’m sure that through the use of social media many who are reading this have what they think is a good idea of who I am. Some of you have no clue who I am. Don’t worry, I’m still trying to figure it out.

Here’s what I know. I’m a husband. I’m not sayin good or bad, just that I am one. I’m a father. Again, I’m not saying good or bad, just that I am one. I’m not giving myself a label as to the quality because I need to figure it out still. 

I’m a son. Not a very patient one but I’m trying to hide that. There’s a commandment about the way we should treat our parents that I should try harder to keep. After all, I got a lot from mine. 

I’m a neighbor to a few people, but I don’t really know them and they don’t really know me. I guess social media is the only way I know how to be social. 

I’m sad. I’m happy. I’m angry. I’m scared.

This is me. 

If you don’t really know me, do you want to? If you know me well do you wish you didn’t? If all you know about me is from what I have shared on social media, well, I’m sorry to tell you that your ideas about me may change. 

I have decided that from now on I am going to try my hardest to represent me as best as possible…whether on social media or in real life. Not just the me as I am now, but the me that I am trying, wanting to be. That might mean that you will see the Christian side of me more, the BYU fan of me more, even the personality side of me more. I expect that I may lose “friends” and followers over this but that is fine. If you want to be a friend or followed its better that you at least know what your getting in regards to me. 

Social media, at least where my accounts are concerned will be social ME-dia so you can get to know what I really think, feel, and know. 

And that is how I will be my best social self for now. Or maybe not. 

Either way, it’s just another view from a Palmtree. 


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