About the View…

A View From A Palmtree is a place where I can come and share my thoughts and feelings about anything and everything, or possibly nothing at all. My views may not be what your views are, but this blog isn’t about your views. That is what the comment section and your own blog are for.

I don’t promise a regular posting schedule, and I don’t promise to stick to particular topics like politics or religions. I only promise that when I have a thought about something, or when there is something that I am really passionate about, or maybe when there is something that I have enjoyed so much that I want to share it, it is at that time that I will write a blog post.

This blog was not meant to make me famous. If that is a side benefit, then great. Actually, I started this blog because I wanted to have an outlet to work on my writing skills. I want to be a published author one day. I want to write books, not whitepapers or news articles. This blog is a great means for practice. It gives me a chance to share my beliefs, my thoughts, and my humor. Occasionally I will also share some poetry.

If you like the things I write, I invite you to comment back. If you don’t, you can comment as well. But if you do, and if you feel a desire to share my writings with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Blog subscribers, Google circles, or email lists, I would be grateful that you thought so highly of it. I may even send you an autographed copy of my first book… once I get around to writing it.

In the meantime, sit back, relax, maybe even get a nice beverage of your own choice, and enjoy the view from this palmtree.


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