Stuck on a Bad Romance…

To start with, this is not about my relationship with my wife. It would be stupid of me to share that kind of information (if it existed) on a public forum like this. Nor is this a confession of an affair. That would be even more stupid. Think about it…who in their right mind would use a public forum to admit an affair or rag on their spouse or both? Oh wait, there are many examples of just that floating around inside that famous cloud of social media websites. I however, am not here to do that. No, this posting is about something completely different.

So I got out of bed this morning and sat down on my thinking chair and for some dumb reason I can’t explain, Lady Gaga was going through my head. Yes, Bad Romance was stuck and wouldn’t stop playing. To make matters worse, it was stuck in broken record mode where only a couple of lines from the song were repeating. Gaga, ooh la la. Ugh!!!!

I will admit it is a catchy tune. If I were a dancing man, I would be busting a move like no other. I could be a “little monster” like any other Gaga fan. But I’m not…not a fan, not a dancing man, not a little monster of any sort. Yet here I was, fresh out of bed, listing to a song in my head that I hadn’t actually heard playing since last Saturday. And that got me thinking…

(By the way, when I am sitting on the thinking chair, I assume the “Thinker” position and let the thoughts run wild. It is easier to pass the time that way. It also lets me go back to sleep on the chair while keeping my body propped up.)

So the question came to mind, “What is it that makes a song get stuck in your head?” It is subliminal? Is it emotional? What is it? Please, somebody answer me.

Bad Romance is just the latest culprit. And I think the reason why is two-fold. First of all, the music is fun. There is a catchy beat and a quick rhythm to it all. That has to account for something because I have never had a song that is completely opposite of that description, such as Amazing Grace, stuck in my head.

The second reason, at least as it relates to me, is that I think the song is too goofy to be considered a good song. That is probably why Macarena got stuck in my head quite a bit. How about “What is Love” by Haddaway. Another pointless song with a good beat. (Although that song could get stuck in your head just by watching Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell bobbing their heads in sync with the bass line.) Rhythm is a Dancer…and these are all songs with a rhythm that makes you want to dance. If you like to dance. And for those that are of the younger generation and have never heard those last three songs, your equivalent can be found on any of the three High School Musical soundtracks. Just pick any of the songs…they all fit the bill.

Maybe the problem is me. I should probably like all songs that have a good beat, no matter how ridiculous the words may be. I should want to get up in the aisles to swing my hips and shuffle my feet. I know you do. But I am not you, and you are probably very grateful about that. And I just don’t want to get up and dance with somebody…even if it was sung by Whitney Houston (whose own goofy behavior over the last few years could rival that of Lady Gaga). Sorry honey, you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life, but you won’t be digging this guy as a dancing queen. (Okay, that just gave me a scary visual that I need to quickly delete from my brain.)

So here is my proposal to the world…I’ll stick to listening to motion picture scores and some of my favorite 80’s music hoping to change the playlist in my head. You keep on checking in on me to see if my opinions have changed. Something is bound to happen. What? I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, I do want to be your friend and don’t want to be caught in a bad romance.

Just another view from a palmtree.