A Little Lost

Today was family picture day.  My wife and I with our five kids decided to get an updated picture to go on the wall in our living room.  The most recent was is three years old and with my oldest graduating high school this year, it may be the last one we get for a while.  Heck, the next family picture could have an in-law child or two.

I can’t be that old!  In my last post I shared a poem that was written three weeks after our first child was born.  Now she is prepping to leave the roost.  Where has the time gone?  I am feeling a little bit lost.

However, I am probably not feeling as lost as this lovely animals.


Last night my wife and I decided to scout out some locations for our family pictures (we wanted them to be outdoors, with the snow that we recently received as part of the nature-made props).  While walking around, we came across these deer.  Why are they lost?  Well, we weren’t walking around in the mountains, that’s for sure.

We were on the campus of Brigham Young University…in the city.  Granted, there are mountains just two miles away that they probably came from.  It was just weird to see them bedding down where they were.  It was as if they were trying to get a good view of the soccer field and tennis courts, just waiting for some action.  Sorry guys, wrong season.

In this picture they were probably 20 yards away from me.  There are only 4 deer visible, but there was a fifth. It was like a little family on an adventure, much like we as humans do when we go camping in the habitats where the deer normally roam.  So they decided to check out human life.  Or maybe since they were on the university grounds, maybe they thought they could learn something.  I am sure they did learn something…such as:

Don’t get lost on a university campus, so far away from where you should be, especially when there is a crazed human trying to chase you down for a close up picture.

I am sure that is what they learned.  Why?  Because when we went back today to get our pictures taken, they were nowhere to be found.  They are probably hanging out in a different location on campus…like near the cafeteria…where they will learn another lesson (don’t eat thrown out left-overs from the cafeteria…especially during the holidays when school isn’t in session).

Or maybe they are by the fine arts building where they learned how to better pose for a picture.  However, this guy did pretty well:


All in all, they were lost but didn’t seem to care.  Isn’t that a great attitude to take?  Just go about doing your thing, stop and pose for a picture every once in a while, and continue on.  What a carefree attitude.

Just another view from a palmtree.



Let the games begin!

Today was a reunion of sorts.  My wife’s family got together because a nephew was baptized.  And though it was a sacred occasion that brought us together, it was a lot more that kept the party going.

When the Rasmussen’s get together, it is an all day event… sometimes a weekend-long event.  In this case, it is both.  Some of us could only hang around for the day, others will stick it out for four days.  The rest are somewhere in between.

While we are all gathered there is definitely a lot of food being eaten.  There are stories being told.  Music and dancing.  Lots of activity.  But the fun really starts when the games come out.

Some members of the family are more competitive than the others.  This can be dangerous, but can also be the highlight of all reasons to laugh.  When the games get started, the noise increases.  But that isn’t a problem, except when we are playing boggle and need to concentrate on forming words.

Today’s game was called Wits and Wagers.  I didn’t play but enjoyed watching and listening as poker-style wagering was taking place over simple trivia facts.  By the way, did you know that the original PacMan game had 244 dots on the screen that the Pacster would eat (including the power-up dots).  Do you know how many voted were cast for the finale of American Idol the year that Jordyn Sparks won? These are the types of trivia questions that they were betting on.

The best part of the day though is seeing the family gathered together, some people having to travel almost 8 hours by car, and everyone enjoying their time together.  Why is it so enjoyable?

I believe that family is the central unit to society.  The more emphasis a society places on family, the better off that society is.  You have friends, but they move on.  Family is there for you all the time.  And when they can have fun playing games, it is even better.

So my post today is not one of humor, or religious views, or political views, or parenting views, etc.  Actually, it is all of that.  As a society, we need to focus on the family.  We need to have more fun times, more serious times, more loving times.  We need to enjoy ourselves with those we belong to.

So let the games begin.  And while you’re at it, fire up the grill.

Just another view from a palmtree.