It’s one in a million tonight…

A still of 2004 Osama bin Laden video

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So this blog entry is number 1,239,882 in regards to the death of Osama bin Laden.  I can’t let the opportunity go by.  I mean, this is the bloggosphere and this is the biggest news story since Donald Trump was caught in a violent windstorm and almost revealed his true hairline (you knew that was a comb-over, right?).  Well, I don’t know how many other blogs will take this approach tonight, but I am just going to talk reason.

You see, I have friends and acquaintences that are discrediting George W. Bush and all other Republican politicians because it was a Democrat in the White House when OBL was killed.  I have friends and acquaintences that are reminding society that it was those Navy Seals, not Obama, that killed OBL and therefore the POTUS should stop taking so much credit in the opperation.  Is this really needed?  Are people in general so insecure and at the same time so hateful that a momentus occasion in US history has to be made into a political mud slingging festival?

Well, here is what I have to say.  I could take the hard-core, conservative Republican point of view and remind people that Obama wanted to withdraw troops and end the war and scale back the search for OBL.  I could also remind all my democrat friends that their previous democrat in the White House had a chance to order an attach that would have taken out OBL and as a result may have prevented the 9/11 terror attacks that he chose not to do.

I could take a hard-line, democrat point of view and comment that it took Bush seven years and he never accomplished what Obama did in two, and that Bush was premature in comments, too committed in finishing a fight his dad started, and was distracted from what the real mission of the war in Afganistan really was.

In the end, I would be right on both counts.  So, instead I would rather state the facts and what my point of view has to do with them.

If I am going to place blame, I can’t place blame with one political party or one particular president.  If I am going to give praises, I have to give praises to both political parties and all of the presidents (past and current) that have been involved in this goal.  Clinton, Bush, and Obama had the same goal, they just had different methods of achieving it.  Was one better than the other?  No.

Consider this… Could Obama have witnessed this under his watch if not for work that was done under the watch of Bush?  I sincerely doubt it.  In fact, I think the work of both administrations were so intertwined that if you were to tell me that everything that Bush did had zero effect on the outcome today, I would call you closed-minded, one-sided, and uninformed.  Prove to me that you were on the intelligence committee or in the CIA over the last 10 years and then I might believe you.

I do not give credit to Obama.  I don’t give credit to Bush.  I give credit to the Navy Seals that trained and executed the mission.  I give credit to the troops that have served over the last 10 years working to make this night possible.  Yes, Obama gave the go-ahead approval, but I think that was merely a formality because they were operating in a foriegn country.  In my own opinion, those Seals should have just gone in and done it

One thing that I admire tonight is that Obama made personal phone calls to Bush and Clinton to let them know that OBL had been killed.  He didn’t have to.  He obviously respected what they had done.  Remember, he was all against the war effort and very critical of Bush.  But after his election, when he started meeting with Bush in transitional meetings, and when he started to be informed of all the intelligence that had been gathered, I think he had his eyes opened.  If he hadn’t, today news would still be a hope for many Americans and a goal for the miliary.

I am glad that Obama hasn’t kept his campaign promises… at least this particular one that likely would have prevented the mission that took place today.  I am glad the Bush was willing to start this mission so that a target could be placed on OBL’s head.  I am saddened at the loss of American’s lives while fighting this ward and wish that it could have been over sooner.  I am glad that troops did not give up.

Will Obama have an easier time winning re-election next year?  It certainly is possible.  If it wasn’t for Bush’s resolve to avenge the terror attacks, he may not have been re-elected, but he ended up having higher approval ratings as I assume Obama will.  But tonights news isn’t what should win an election for anyone, neither should it be an occasion that we don’t take a bit of pride in.  The war still goes on.  It may even escalate and radical muslim extremists try to seek out their own revenge.

What we should all be hoping for is an end to the war, a settling of peace in the world, and a hightened sense of patriotism.  We are one nation under God, indivisible.  We need to act that way.  We have taken care of one item on a huge list of honey-do’s.  Let’s not turn it into a moment is isn’t, nor let us forget what a moment it is.

Just another view from a Palmtree.