Because of Him

All week long there has been a social media blitz by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka: the Mormons or the LDS church) regarding the blessings that we as individuals have because of the Savior Jesus Christ. This blitz is all focused around a video that was created by the LDS church that touches on the single most important sequence of events in the history of mankind: the suffering in garden, the public trial, the scourging by the guards, the crucifixion on the cross, and the resurrection from the tomb. Yes, all of those individual events are important to include in the mention of the most important sequence of events.

This weekend we have the opportunity to celebrate Easter…or we can celebrate the Easter Bunny. I choose to celebrate Easter. Why? Because of Him…

Because of Him I can repent of my sins and be made clean and whole again.

Because of Him I will see my father, brother, grandparents, and all other loved ones that have passed on from their mortal existence…including those I have yet to meet.

Because of Him I don’t have to be lonely…ever.

Because of Him I don’t have to bear the weight of my world by myself.

Because of Him I will be with my wife for eternity.

Because of Him I can rejoice in my trials knowing that they are for my good.

Because of Him I can turn those trials into testimonies.

Because of Him I can trust that my daughter, one of his missionaries, will be protected.

Because of Him I can enjoy everything in the heavens above and earth below.

And most importantly,

Because of Him I will see him face to face.

And when I do my senses will be more in tune with Him than anything else. I will see the love in his eyes. I will hear the compassion in his voice. I will feel the wounds in his hands and feet.

He is the breath of life. He is our Savior, Redeemer, Comforter, Advocate, Brother, and Friend.

He is God’s son.

He is the reason I am alive today and…

Because of Him I will conquer death.

What do you enjoy in life because of Him? You don’t have to be a Mormon to believe, and you don’t have to be a Mormon to like the video that the LDS church made for this Easter weekend. You don’t have to be a Mormon to be blessed.

But because of Him, you can.

Just another view from a Palmtree.

Because of Him


Our First Noel

18 years ago tonight (Christmas Eve 1994), I wrote this poem as my contribution to a family talent show that my wife’s parents have as part of their family Christmas Eve program.  It was just three weeks after I became a father.  I share it tonight as my own Christmas message/present to you.



‘Twas the first noel that came to our house,

not at night nor at Christmas time came.

And yet through her birth, a miracle shown,

God showed us His love all the same.

But what of this gift to us that is given,

From a kind Heavenly Father above.

She’s our first gift for Christmas and brings with her birth,

A lasting eternal love.

Why does it happen that we’re blessed this way?

A miracle that we’ll never know.

It started way back in a small manger still,

Near two thousand years ago.

When a Christ child came and shed light on the Earth,

A glory to ever last.

Now we can enjoy the first gift of love,

That came when the first Christmas passed.

So let us remember, lest we forget,

Why we are here on the Earth.

For Christ is our Savior, not just through his death,

But with life which started with birth.