Not “Labor Day” but “Labor Weekend”

I finally have a minute to sit and relax and I decided to write a blog posting.  It’s the end of a holiday weekend and tomorrow morning I will have to go back to work.  The holiday we celebrated today was Labor Day…a day made into a holiday by the government to recognize the laborer that help make this country what it is.  Or maybe I should say what it was a few years back…before the professional welfare cases decided to make a holiday called “Labor Life” in which they took the rest of their life off work and pulled in a welfare check from the government because it was easier.

Oh wait, I have already digressed.  Let me get back on track.

So it is the end of a holiday to celebrate the labor force.  Many of my friends did something to celebrate the holiday.  Some had a cookout which gave them a couple of hours of enjoyment.  Others went camping which gave them a couple of days of enjoyment.  Me, I spent the weekend laboring.

(Now before I get too far on this, let me point out that I have multiple blogs.  This is the first and maybe only time, that I will share this post on both blogs.  Why do I do that?  Because one blog is about whatever is going on in the world that I want to comment on.  The other is in regards to my measly efforts to grow a garden and be a successful urban farmer.  For those that are all about ROI, it is not to drive traffic to both blogs.)

Now that I am being clear on the blog (or have I confused you more) let me tell you about my garden.  I have had this garden for pretty much the whole time I have lived in this house: 14 years.  For the first few years the garden was small as I was not very experienced at gardening.  I had helped my dad when I was young, but when I was finally the age where I could understand what was going on with the plants, he had decided to stop growing any produce.  So I never really learned all the techniques.  I just planted the easy stuff.  You know, stuff like zucchini, radishes, beets, carrots, corn and a tomato plant.  My garden plot was 6 ft. by 24 ft.  It wasn’t too big and if I had extra room I just planted more corn.

My garden now takes up almost half of my backyard.  Well, maybe more like 1/3, but add in a chicken coop and pen; I have definitely given up lawn space for dirt.  Oh yeah, and weeds and rocks.  Those are the two things that grow the best. (I bet you never knew rocks could grow, but I can show you otherwise.  I wish I could harvest this many potatoes every year.)

Over the years I have conditioned the soil, removed as many rocks as possible, done what I can to keep the weeds at bay, and try my hardest to have a successful harvest.  This year I decided to give up on a couple of easy things because they just weren’t worth the effort.  I tried my hardest to maximize the space possible.  I thought about what I would want to eat when the season was done.  And I also thought about what canning I would have to do so that food wouldn’t go to waste while trying to get another family in the neighborhood to accept an overgrown zucchini.

This year I knew I would need to make more salsa (or at least I thought I would…I found a whole case tonight from three years ago).  And then I thought that it would be fun to make some spaghetti sauce from scratch.

I also wanted melons and since I only live two hours north of the melon capital of the world, or at least Utah, I figured I could have the same success.  So I am growing three different kinds of melon: watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

The garden grew and grew.  And the weeds grew even better.  But low and behold, I have produce.  Lots of it.  And I have already given a bit of it away.  And so has my wife.  Yet somehow this was still a labor weekend.  Why?  Because it all decided to ripen at the same time.

So guess what I did?  I didn’t make salsa.  I actually did that three weeks ago while recovering from my gall bladder surgery.  I made 27 pints of it.  It should be enough to last the year, unless we give a lot away for Christmas gifts.

This weekend I did spend a lot of time canning.  On Saturday, I did seven quart bottles of peaches.  I still have enough peaches from the first tree to do 3-4 more bottles.  The other tree will be ripened soon too, but those will either be frozen or made into nectar, or both.

When I was done with the peaches I turned to my jalapeno pepper plants.  There were a lot.  Even after completing all of that salsa I had more peppers than I knew what to do with.  So I decided to make jelly.  My wife and I love it with cream cheese on Club Crackers.  It makes a great holiday treat around New Year’s Eve.  I had red jalapenos and green jalapenos.  I wanted the jelly to look good so I separated the peppers by color.  I made 16 half-pints of red jalapeno jelly and 7 half-pints of green jalapeno jelly.  That is 23 jars total.  The red is hotter and the green is sweeter and they both taste great.

I took Sunday off from gardening labor and had a day of rest.  God created a day of rest from our labors and it happens every week.  I don’t think the government needed to create a holiday for it, but I won’t complain about an extra day out of the office.

Today brought more laboring in the kitchen.  I wanted to make spaghetti sauce and the conditions were just right: I had a day off work and the tomato plants were full of ripe tomatoes.  I put my daughter to work and she was a great helper.  I had her start by picking the tomatoes.  Over 40 pounds worth of the red fruit that everyone calls a vegetable.  They looked great.  We also picked some bell peppers to add to the sauce.

It took two hours to blanch and peel the tomatoes.  It took another six hours to cook the sauce and get it to a point where I could bottle it.  There were 9 quart bottles total so I had to process in two batches (the last batch is processing as I write this).  It was a lot of work.

Yes, it was work.  I labored on Labor Day.  And I loved it. In fact, I loved the whole weekend.  Something about harvesting and canning fills my soul with satisfaction.  In the last three weeks, I have canned about 60 jars of food that will last us at least until next year’s harvest.  It is awesome to think about.  It is a sight to behold.  And it will be nice to enjoy eating, especially in January when there is snow on the ground.

I know gardening isn’t for everyone and neither is canning the harvest.  But nothing beats eating something that you grew yourself.  And the sense of accomplishment when it is canned is just the cherry on top.  Do I feel bad for myself?  Not at all. I am now thinking about what else I can harvest and can.  How about strawberry-rhubarb jam?  How about end of garden relish?  Maybe even some more salsa…just because I have ingredients.  It may be the only Christmas gift you get from me.  Wouldn’t you be lucky?!  I think we all are when we see the success we experience in growing a bountiful garden.

I am blessed.

Just another view from a Palmtree.


The Power of Smell

So last week I took my family to Disneyland.  We came home on Saturday.  So, yes, that makes it one week home and I still haven’t blogged about it.  And this isn’t going to be about it either.

You would think that with a title like the one I chose, it could be.  After all, the way that Disney has implemented the use of touch and smell into some of their attractions to entice and please their visitors is amazing.  For example, the “California Soarin’” ride makes use of the smell of oranges while you are “gliding” over an orange grove.  Isn’t that cool?

But hey, you don’t have to be on a ride to get the smell effect.  Just walk by a churro vendor.  You will want one, even if you hate churros.  They smell that good.  Even the one vendor selling caramel corn led me to believe it would be the most awesome tasting caramel popcorn ever.  My sister-in-law said otherwise.  But it still smelled good and I bet they sold a lot of it.

Which brings me to a weird news story I saw earlier today that I just had to share.  It is pretty much the opposite of what Disney does.  In this case, smell is being masked. Just click HERE to read it yourself.

Done?  Ok.  Who would invent such a thing?  Who would be a test subject?  I know who should be a test subject, but I don’t know anyone who would volunteer.  Okay, one person but he passed away three years ago.

(Right now my wife is rolling her eyes over the fact that I wrote a blog on this topic.)

It reminds me of the skit on MADtv about SCENTED FARTS.  But before I digress too much, let’s just get back to the topic…err, should I say title.

Smell has a powerful effect.  Some scents are used in potpourri to help enhance the mood at certain times of the year, like holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But scents like that don’t work for all holidays.  Take Independence Day.  You don’t want your house to smell like burning gun powder do you?  If you do, light a few firecrackers in the living room.  But it isn’t practical.  Do you want your house to smell like a dead soldier on Memorial Day?  Or a sweaty labor worker on Labor Day?  No.  What do we do instead for those days?  Floral and other natural scents.  And that is just fine.

We also use those same scents to hide certain smells, especially bodily smells that are undesirable.  Isn’t it better to use potpourri and candles for that?  Who would want to wear something in their underwear for it?  It can’t be comfortable.  Or could it?  What would women prefer…fart pads or potpourri?  Guys probably don’t want either.

The website that you can order them from says this: “This pad is to be worn inside of your underwear. Can be used daily or as needed. Can be used with panty’s, briefs and panty hose. Will not be affective with boxer type underwear. Do not use your toilet for disposal. For external use only. End your fear and embarrassment when in public.”

They must be comfortable.  Would they be marketable if they aren’t?  They even come with double-sided tape to help secure them.  If this has you excited, here is something more: you get a 10 pack for $29.95.

I don’t know that I will ever buy any (no comments from the peanut gallery please) but I am sure someone will.  They have 14 reviews and are rated at 4 ½ starts out of 5.  Just one word of warning from one of the reviewers…they only hide the smell, not the sound.

So there you have it.  Here is a company taking away the power of smell, and in this case it is a good idea.  Which is why I wrote this blog in the first place.  I found something interesting and seems to be a good idea and wanted to share it with you all.

Now don’t laugh too hard when you click on those links.

Just another view from a Palmtree.