Not Super Sunday, but a super Sunday.

For most people, today was not just Sunday, it was Super Sunday.  For me it was just another Sunday.  I didn’t watch a single down of football, learned through Twitter who won, and didn’t feel bad about missing it all.  Not even the half-time show with Madonna and all those other stars.  Who were they?

I lost interest in the NFL years ago.  First of all, I decided that there were better things that I could do on a Sunday than sit and watch football.  First and foremost, I go to church.  Second, and just as important, I spend Sunday with my wife and kids.  It is the day that we don’t have anywhere to go, except for church…so we get the whole day together.

It helps that my wife doesn’t like watching football.  No influence from her to watch the game.

Last year we decided to have a Superbowl party.  We invited another family in the neighborhood to come have dinner with us, snack on some treats, and play card games.  And we never watched a single play of the game.

Can it technically be called a Superbowl party if you don’t watch the Superbowl?

Anyway, If you have read my blogs or my profile, you know I am a religious person.  When I was young and still attending Primary, I was taught the 10 Commandments.  I always had an idea what the   commandment about keeping the Sabbath day holy was all about, but as I grew older and wiser, my understanding grew.

I eventually got to a point in my own understanding that I decided not to spend the Sabbath watching sports.  This is one of the ways that I choose to keep the Sabbath day holy.  If you choose differently and disagree with my choices, that is your prerogative.  I won’t be offended.  I know that I am in a minority of people that choose to live like that.

So today for me was not a Super Sunday like it may have been for the millions of others that were interested in the Superbowl.  But, to me it was a super Sunday.  I had a great day.  I heard people bear testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I spent time with my family and a couple of neighbors eating dinner and playing games.  And I don’t care that the Giants won and wouldn’t have cared if the Patriots won either.

But that is just the priority order in my life.  When you don’t have an interest in something, you don’t make it a priority.  My interest is in spending time with my family having fun…not watching a bunch of over-hyped, over-payed athletes in a game I don’t care about.

And when you have advertisers leaking their commercials during the week leading up to the game, you have even less incentive to get me to watch.

So for those of you that watched and enjoyed the game, good for you.  For those that watched and didn’t enjoy the game, I am sorry.  For those that didn’t watch the game and still enjoyed their day, welcome to my world.  At least my Sunday world.

Just another view from a Palmtree.


Tag…you aren’t it.

I decided I had some time to write another blog posting but as I sat down to type it out, I just couldn’t really decide on a topic. There are a few things that have been on my mind, but if I were to try and write about them, I would either be writing a dozen or so blogs in one evening, or you would be reading something that just would not make sense. I would probably intermix the topics between sentences and come across as a babbling drunk.

You are probably thinking to yourself that I already come across like that with some of my postings so I shouldn’t hold back. Not a problem…on some days I would probably agree even though I don’t drink. So instead of coming across as a babbling drunk, it would probably be more accurate to call me a bumbling idiot. All in favor say “I” (or should it be “aye”?).

So here I am now on paragraph three and I haven’t told you what the topic is about. Yet you must have been curious by the title of this blog. So here it goes… Instead of using one of the topics swimming around in my brain, I decided to see what some of the trending topics were on WordPress tonight. None of them stood out more than the others so I looked at the Tags tab to see what tags are pulling the most use lately. Sadly, I didn’t see my name as one of the tags. The ego took a big hit. I thought I was popular.

The interesting thing about looking at the Tags tab, there wasn’t a single name of a person on the list. There were topics, but no names. You would think with the NBA All-Star Weekend going on there would be some names. The three-point shooting contest was earlier and the dunk contest ended not too long ago. Yet not a single name. I thought Blake Griffin would have been mentioned a lot because of his final dunk in the contest. Why not?

I didn’t even see it but I have read how awesome it was on Twitter from a lot of sports broadcasters I follow. Wouldn’t you think anyone jumping over a Kia Optima, receiving a pass from another player standing out the sunroof, and dunking it through the hoop is cool? Check out the headline photo on ESPN taken from an angle looking down from the ceiling on the basket. But he doesn’t show up as a popular tag tonight.

Not even Justin Bieber shows up on the common tag list. Doesn’t he get mentioned enough just for living to show up on a common tag list? And today he was named the MVP (most valuable pre-pubescent) for the celebrity game on the All-Star agenda. Still, he didn’t show up on the list. But he is a trending topic on Twitter, in case you didn’t know.

So what is it about tags that are so important? Obviously tags help your blog to be found in searches. Tags help common articles to be linked. Tags also tell you the prices of clothing. This lets you know whether you want to buy it or not. That is essentially the same effect of a tag on a blog. It lets you know if you want to read it or not.

Unfortunately tags can be misleading. Take this posting as an example. You might have been looking for articles that talked about Justin Bieber. You might have been looking for a posting about the NBA All-Star Weekend. Possibly about a Kia Optima, or possibly even Twitter? Maybe even Michael Jackson, Madonna, or Lady Gaga, just because I mentioned their names in this paragraph and tag their names just for the traffic results. Regardless, I really doubt you were looking for a blog about blog tags. And I wasn’t planning on writing a blog about blog tags. Yet here we are in the big internet cloud in the sky crossing paths because I tagged my writings with names and topics that don’t even relate. So while we are here together, let me say “hello, I am Randy, and I am glad you are here.” If you want to be my friend, come find me on Facebook or Twitter and tag me. As for right now…tag, you’re now it.

Just another view from a Palmtree.