Somebody has to say it…

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The title is actually one of the topic ideas from Chris Brogans 100 Blog/Podcast Topics to write about. It just happens to be a perfect fit for what I want to write about today…so I will use it AND can cross it off the idea list at the same time.

After all, if I don’t say it, I really doubt anyone will. It isn’t a popular thing to talk about…and by popular I don’t mean politically correct. In this case, I am saying that it isn’t popular as in nobody knows about it. And no I am not talking about a hidden birthmark (mine is on my leg and I would be glad to show you if you want) or some random factual occurrence that only my family would know about. Have I lost you yet? Okay, good. Keep reading.

Gloaming is not an action verb. There, it is done. Like I said, somebody had to say it. You may think it is an action verb because of the “ing” ending, but no-siree-bob. Gloaming isn’t even a verb. It is a noun. What? Who creates a word, says it is a noun, and ends it with “ing”. Oh yeah, the guy that created the word “bling”, as in what many of us wear to accent our apparel.

We could have all continued on in our ignorance and misunderstanding, but it just had to be the word of the day on my Merriam-Webster desktop word app. The word has been there all day, staring me down like I was some idiot that didn’t know what it was. Then I had to admit my lack of knowledge and click on the word to see the definition. Oh the humiliation.

Have you looked it up in the dictionary yet? Don’t bother. Gloaming is another word for twilight. No, not THE Twilight with werewolves and vampires, twilight…the period of the day also known as dusk when the sun has set on the horizon but is still lighting the sky.

The sample sentence that the dictionary gives is “The crickets were chirping in the gloaming as the newlyweds walked hand in hand.” ROTFLMBO! Sounds like a cheesy opening to a sappy romance novel. Oh wait, it might have been. And some of my friends and family like reading those things so I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh. In fact, maybe I should try to pen something clever with the word “gloaming” in it.

“It was gloaming when the ship docked, and because of the lack of light it almost ran aground.”

It makes the word sound more like a condition of choppy waves or some other physical occurrence that would cause problems for a docking ship. Oh well, I really doubt I will use it in the book I am writing. I much rather would describe “dusk” than gloaming. After all, my readers know what dusk is. If I didn’t want them to know what words meant, I would go ahead and throw in a Portuguese word every other sentence. Something like, “Fred was a kind-hearted fubeca that didn’t know a thing about art.” You would look at that and think how verbose I must be that I can use such uncommon words and sound so intellectual. Well you would be correct, but the word isn’t even a real word. It is slang.

But enough of that, you get my point. Some words just don’t make sense and probably shouldn’t even exist. Gloaming is one of them. But then again, now that the books and movies are out and I have gotten sick of hearing about some guy named Edward, maybe twilight is the word we should get rid of and gloaming is the one we should use more. Like I said, somebody had to say it.

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It’s a Blog…it shouldn’t be that hard!

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So the last time I wrote a blog was way back in November; the 25th to be exact.  I wrote about being thankful.  Why not, it was Thanksgiving weekend and made sense to use that topic.  So you would think that I would be able to write another blog or two (or possibly twenty) since that time…especially since we celebrated Christmas, a New Year, and I took four paid vacation and two paid holiday days off from work during that time.  Well, I didn’t.  Why?

By the way, I’m not asking in some rhetorical way in preparation to explain the reason, I am asking because I need help knowing the answer.

My wife asked me last night why I hadn’t posted a blog in the last six weeks.  I gave her a couple of simple answers.  First of all, my computer wasn’t always handy.  Second of all, even though my iPod Touch was almost always available, I don’t like writing blogs with it.  I did it once and that was enough (see my iPod Blog entry).  Third, writing a blog would take me away from my family time.  All are legitimate reasons but there is a fourth reason which is something I thought about during those six weeks.  I didn’t know what to write about.

You see, normally I have some creative writing juices flowing.  I know I could have come up with something during that time that would have been nice to read, possibly even inspirational, but it just wasn’t happening.

One of the New Year’s resolutions I made with myself was to be better at blogging during 2011.  I didn’t set a goal of blogging on a daily basis.  Not even a weekly basis.  The goal is to blog more frequently and with interesting enough topics that I get more reads with each passing blog.  Maybe through my blogging I can grow my audience so that when I finally publish my first book, it will hit the best sellers list within the first month (and I am not talking about my mom’s best sellers list either).

Today I was reading my twitter feed (which, by the way, I also have a goal of tweeting more…and that will automatically happen if I blog more since the two accounts are tied together; kind of like killing two birds with one stone) and Chris Brogan tweeted about an article he wrote giving 50 ideas for social media marketers to blog about this year to help their brand recognition and social network grow.  Linked to that article was another article he wrote a while back with 100 ideas for anyone to blog about.  I took that list and decided that if I can’t think of a topic, I will choose one of the 100 ideas to write about.

Today I didn’t have an idea on what to write about.  How is that possible when I have already written nearly 500 words and taken almost a whole page?  I get a little wordy when I explain things sometimes. Anyway, I looked at the list and idea #9 is to write about “How I Find Blogging Ideas”.  Hmmm…I need to think about that one.

<<Chirp, Chirp, Chirp…can you picture the crickets in your mind?  I know it is winter and crickets aren’t out and about right now, but just picture it for a minute.>>

Obviously I have a hard time finding blogging ideas.  Sometimes my inspiration comes from something that really irritates me.  Sometimes it comes from the Merriam-Webster word-of-the-day app on my computer desktop.  Sometimes it comes from something really funny or interesting or just plain weird that I happen to see or hear.  Sometimes it doesn’t come from anywhere…I just start typing and words spill out.  I guess that is why I get wordy at times.

The point is, I don’t have one font of inspiration for my blogging ideas.  Some people blog about one or maybe two specific topics and that is all they focus on.  Like the political bloggers, or the social media marketing bloggers, or even cooking bloggers.  But that isn’t what my blog is about, and that is probably why I don’t have the biggest following around (sorry to disappoint you this way, but it just had to be admitted to the public).  I like to write about anything and everything and just share my point of view.  That is where the ideas come from.  If I have a view I want to share, I do.

Today, I don’t have a view to share.  Or maybe I do and I just did.  I don’t know.  It was an idea, and it came from a list that I got from someone else that has a blog.

Just another view from a Palmtree.