Technology Was Invented For Mother’s Day

The title of this posting says it all. And yes, I did say it. Technology was invented for Mother’s Day. And Christmas. And every other day of the year. But today is Mother’s Day (okay, technically as I write this it is after midnight so it is Monday, but since I haven’t gone to bed yet I will count it as Sunday) so I will claim that it was created for today. Why? So we could all communicate more easily, more quickly, and more concisely as we send our well wishes and proclamations of gratitude to mothers around the globe.

On this day, I am especially grateful for Skype. My daughter is serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and has been gone since before Christmas. Today was the first opportunity that we have had to talk to her since she left. And not only did we get to talk, we got to see her face. Yes, that sweet smiling face that was full of joy. And she had on mascara (she doesn’t wear makeup so things are a changing). And she looked great.

For all Mormon missionaries there are two times per year when they get to call home…or in this case Skype home: Mother’s Day and Christmas. We didn’t get to talk with my daughter on Christmas because she was serving in the Missionary Training Center and since that is a short stay with so many missionaries, they just can’t accommodate everyone. She got to email instead.

So with more than 85,000 Mormon missionaries serving around the world, plus how many more that wanted to Skype with their loved ones, isn’t it great that technology could allow us to do that so efficiently? And it all worked. And the servers didn’t crash. And we probably had the NSA or some other government agency listening in. But I don’t care about that, I was glad to chat with my daughter (plus, the NSA didn’t get anything useful out of that conversation).

Yes, phone calls existed long before Skype. And that counts as technology. I am grateful for that. When I served as a missionary, I labored in Brazil. For the first Christmas and first Mother’s Day that I was there, I was working in the Amazon Jungle region. To think that I could call home and chat with my family and have at most only a two second delay was amazing. And calling collect from Brazil to the USA was only $1 per minute. Awesome…if you can afford a two hour long phone call like when I called home on Christmas (hey, I was homesick and going through some culture shock so leave me alone).  With my daughter, it was all through the internet. Didn’t cost me a thing. Well, except for my monthly internet bill which I would be paying whether I am on Skype with my daughter or not. So I will consider our chat today to be one that was free of charge. And with no broadcast delay. Those VoIP packets were transferring so well. (I worked in the telecom industry for four years, I know what I am talking about.)

I chatted with my own mom for a while by way of telephone. Cell phone to be exact, which meant she could be anywhere she wanted and still talk to me. And today she was in California. And again, technology made it possible. Even if we had to use telegrams, that would have been better than carrier pigeon. Or Pony Express. Or slow boats to China. Or a message in a bottle that may never get anywhere.

No, today was a day that definitely benefited from many forms of technology that have been invented. And I am sure that it was all created for Mother’s Day so we could wish our mothers a happy day. Tomorrow I will be able to claim that it was created for work. And it will be true. But let me just have this one claim on this one day. Because without it, I know some mother’s that wouldn’t have had as good of a day.

And since I am using technology to write this, let me say to everyone…


Just another view from a Palmtree.


Because of Him

All week long there has been a social media blitz by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka: the Mormons or the LDS church) regarding the blessings that we as individuals have because of the Savior Jesus Christ. This blitz is all focused around a video that was created by the LDS church that touches on the single most important sequence of events in the history of mankind: the suffering in garden, the public trial, the scourging by the guards, the crucifixion on the cross, and the resurrection from the tomb. Yes, all of those individual events are important to include in the mention of the most important sequence of events.

This weekend we have the opportunity to celebrate Easter…or we can celebrate the Easter Bunny. I choose to celebrate Easter. Why? Because of Him…

Because of Him I can repent of my sins and be made clean and whole again.

Because of Him I will see my father, brother, grandparents, and all other loved ones that have passed on from their mortal existence…including those I have yet to meet.

Because of Him I don’t have to be lonely…ever.

Because of Him I don’t have to bear the weight of my world by myself.

Because of Him I will be with my wife for eternity.

Because of Him I can rejoice in my trials knowing that they are for my good.

Because of Him I can turn those trials into testimonies.

Because of Him I can trust that my daughter, one of his missionaries, will be protected.

Because of Him I can enjoy everything in the heavens above and earth below.

And most importantly,

Because of Him I will see him face to face.

And when I do my senses will be more in tune with Him than anything else. I will see the love in his eyes. I will hear the compassion in his voice. I will feel the wounds in his hands and feet.

He is the breath of life. He is our Savior, Redeemer, Comforter, Advocate, Brother, and Friend.

He is God’s son.

He is the reason I am alive today and…

Because of Him I will conquer death.

What do you enjoy in life because of Him? You don’t have to be a Mormon to believe, and you don’t have to be a Mormon to like the video that the LDS church made for this Easter weekend. You don’t have to be a Mormon to be blessed.

But because of Him, you can.

Just another view from a Palmtree.

Because of Him