I’m a nice blogger, so what?!

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I got an email earlier today that stirred up enough emotion that I felt the need to blog.  It was one of those “marketing” emails I get because I am trying to become an expert in everything social media.  (After all, when you are an administrator of 8 Facebook pages, 7 twitter accounts, and 7 YouTube channels…all while trying to maintain a blog, a job, a family, a life……….)  Anyway, the email was entitled “Why ‘nice people’ make lousy bloggers (and the importance of meanness)” and was sent by Jon Morrow of GuestBlogging.com.  Now before I go too far, I want to say that I have read some of his other “insightful” emails with suggestions for successful blogging and he has had some good ideas.  But this time I had to disagree more than I could agree with what he said.

Jon admitted in the first sentence that a lot of what he writes is “feel-good, inspirational, make you want to go-out-and-conquer-the-world ‘fluff’” because it does so well at generating traffic to his blog site.  I immediately thought that I would get some good info from this posting because I am the same way (or at least I try to be the same way…okay, maybe not so much of the go-conquer-the-world enthusiasm as there is of feel-good fluff but you get the idea…right?).  Then, exactly five-and-a-half sentences later he states: “LET THE ‘MEANNESS’ BEGIN”.  Okay, not exactly like that.  I added the all-capital-letters yelling effect myself.  That’s what it felt like, so why not?!

Is “nice” boring?  I have to ask because Jon was very clear that it is.  Do I have to be mean to get traffic?  Do I have to tell it like it is for my readership to go up?  I thought that I already did tell it like it is…and I am still nice about it.  Aren’t I?  You aren’t going to unsubscribe from my blog because of being “nice” are you?

I typically like to be a nice person.  That is my personality.  In fact, for those that know and understand the Color Code concept, I am a mostly white personality with a secondary personality of blue.  Do you know what that means?  It means that my main motivation is peace.  I avoid confrontation like the plague.  I require kindness.  I am quiet by nature and process things very deeply before I act. I am even-tempered, diplomatic, and the voice of reason.  At least that is what my Color Code analysis says.  I can’t possibly be mean.  It isn’t me.  Or is it?

White’s (I’m still on the Color Code people, so don’t think I am getting racist) are much stronger than people think but you wouldn’t know it because it isn’t often that I would reveal my feelings.  But there are times when I would reveal my feelings and it may not be so “nice” as you would think.  You see, I don’t like to be controlled and when pushed, I will push back.  If I see something that I disagree with, I may walk away.  But if it really gets under my skin, you will know about it.  Not to say that Jon’s blog got under my skin, but I did disagree enough to write this blog of my own.

One thing that my Color Code Analysis says about White’s is that we struggle to understand why kindness is such a difficult task for others.  Isn’t that the truth?!  John Lennon must have been a White color personality.  In reality he may not have been, but “Give Peace a Chance” makes me think he was.  Or he was just continuing the peace-hippy, anti-war movement with Yoko Ono.  Take the White personality in me and mix in some of the Blue personality traits and you have one of the best friends you could possibly have.  I may not be fun in a spontaneous way, but you will enjoy my company.  Somehow, I don’t think you would if I were “mean” in my blogs.

So what do people look for in a blog posting?  I like to follow a couple of cooking blogs.  How can those types of blogs not be nice?  Unless you are Gordon Ramsay, I can’t think of any reason to make a cooking blog come across as mean.  I’m just saying…and I think you know just what I am saying.  Imagine a cooking blog from Gordon…could it be any better than the show Hell’s Kitchen?  It would get traffic because of the famous name associated, but would people who truly wanted to learn to cook want to read?  I don’t think so, but then again, I am all about avoiding confrontation and enjoying a nice peaceful time.

What it really comes down to is that blogs can be nice and full of fluff and still get reader traffic.  Some people really like that.  Others don’t care for it.  People will congregate to what they like.  Which is why you are here and why I follow the blogs I follow.  It is good reading (hopefully), which is really the purpose behind blogs.  You be the judge.  Is Jon right or can I continue to be nice?

(I might not really want to know…my White personality gets offended when people are critical of me.  Just tell me I am great and we can bask in peacefulness together.)

Just another view from a Palmtree.


It’s all pretty random…

On Facebook last year there was a post that was going around the network circles that gave an insight into a person’s life. Basically, all that a person had to do was write 25 random things about themselves that other people may not be aware of. This was something that was pretty fun to do…at least I thought so. It was interesting to read what other people said about themselves too.

I must say, I enjoyed reading the posts in which people were willing to share secrets or very little known facts about themselves more than the posts that shared information that was pretty much common knowledge by everyone already on their friend list. It has got me thinking a couple of things. First, why was it easy for me to fill out that little questionnaire for the Facebook world to read when in person I am very reserved and quiet, trying to avoid bringing attention to myself. Second, I need to share more about myself with people…they might understand me more.

Let me share some of the random things about me that I posted on Facebook.

First, in college, I majored in a foreign language and don’t like to speak it in public. I don’t know why this is, especially considering the reasons why I initially chose to major in the language. You need to know first off that I speak Portuguese. I learned it when I was assigned to serve as a missionary for my church in Brazil. I had studied Spanish in junior high and high school which helped me some. But I was blessed with the ability to speak the language pretty well in such a short amount of time.

While living in Brazil, I started to gain a great appreciation and love for the country and the people. I wanted to know the language and culture better. What better way than to make it a course of study in school. I also wanted to pursue a graduate degree in International Business Relations, and figured a bachelors degree in Portuguese would help me to land a job with a company doing work in Brazil. I would enjoy any opportunity I get to go back.

Long story short, I got the bachelors degree but no graduate degree. I have worked for two companies that were able to use me for my abilities to speak Portuguese when it was needed to conduct business in Brazil. But I don’t like to speak it in public…here in the USA. I have no problem speaking it in Brazil. But I guess I kind of have to, don’t I? If I am in public (in the USA) with someone that speaks both languages, especially if they are American, I expect to speak in English. It is my native tongue, and it is the official language in this country. No point in speaking another language with someone unless that someone is a visitor that doesn’t speak English. Just my opinion…take it for what it is worth.

Second, there are a lot of things that I would like to accomplish in life (this is a combination of multiple random things about me). For example, I would like to own a woodworking shop where I can build furniture. I don’t know how to do much right now, but I would learn. I would also like to own a landscaping company, a restaurant, and a beauty salon (okay, this last one is actually something that my wife and I have talked about doing, and still hope to when we have the right situation presented to us). And the desires that I don’t see me ever having the chance to realize during this mortal life are: conduct an orchestra, take culinary classes, be able to single like Josh Groban or Michael Buble and finish writing every book I have started and get them published (maybe I will just write one chapter at a time as a blog…then in a month the book will be done).

When I was a sophomore in college, I almost tried out for the football team. After seeing the struggles that my team is going through this year, especially with the game they played tonight, I am ready to go back to school and try out for the team. I could be a 40 year-old water boy and still do better than most of the team tonight. But I won’t expound any more about this one…I will show sportsmanship.

Typing out a list such as the one I did on Facebook can be very invigorating. It gives me a chance to share my life, but I get to limit what is shared. If you really want to know more about me, go to Facebook.

I may never accomplish all of my goals, bit it is very possible that I will do some. I will write about them as I do them. Heck, those might end up being the food for thought as I post more in the future. I know it will help me to keep a record that is very important for future generation to read. And I might even be able to do it in a more comical way. But in the meantime, what have you got to share that so many people can learn? Post a comment…write a blog of your own…share yourself. It really isn’t that hard.

Just another view from a palmtree.